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Our People

Our people

Francois Bardi
Partner, Houston
Leads enterprise transformations in the energy industry and helps companies address industry disruptions via novel growth strategies...
Eduardo Bolio
Senior Partner, Mexico City
Leader of our global work in energy, basic materials, education, operations, and public institutions
Giorgio Bresciani
Senior Partner, London
Leads McKinsey's global energy and material work in the United Kingdom and Ireland, serving clients globally to improve their...
Marcel Brinkman
Partner, London
Brings deep expertise in energy, private equity and sustainability to his work with energy companies, oilfield services companies,...
Anders Brun
Partner, Dubai
Combines cutting-edge analytical and digital solutions with tried-and-true change strategies to transform both private- and public-sector...
Giulia Chierchia
Senior Partner, Madrid
Advises oil and gas, chemical, energy, and basic-materials companies on marketing and sales, growth, and innovation transformations
Florian Christ
Partner, Houston
Advises companies in process-heavy industries on enterprise-wide growth transformations
Hortense de la Boutetière
Senior Partner, Paris
Leads performance transformations in the energy, industry, and healthcare sectors; guides culture change; and advises executives...
Arnout de Pee
Partner, Amsterdam
Brings in-depth expertise in the energy sector, serving global leaders and running projects across every facet of the industry;...
Dumitru Dediu
Partner, Boston
Helps leading energy and capital-intensive companies with shaping their strategies and work in M&A, commercialization, negotiations,...
Luciano Di Fiori
Partner, Houston
Advises clients on strategy and M&A issues across North American unconventionals, global upstream, oilfield services, and midstream,...
Amadeo Di Lodovico
Senior Partner, Dubai
Serves leading companies in the energy, metals, and mining sectors on strategic topics, operational challenges, and government...
Tim Fitzgibbon
Senior Expert, Houston
Serves petroleum clients around the world, drawing on deep specialist expertise on topics related to refining strategy and petroleum...
Bob Frei
Senior Partner, Chicago
Brings more than 25 years of experience to his work supporting energy and industrial clients with strategy, organization, and...
Pat Graham
Partner, London
Advises international and national oil companies, oilfield services and equipment companies, and private-equity firms, with a...
Christopher Handscomb
Partner, London
Leads our work globally on organisation for players in the energy industry, and supports companies across sectors on enterprise-wide...
Doan Nguyen Hansen
Partner, Singapore
Leads McKinsey’s chemicals and agriculture work in Southeast Asia, advising public- and private-sector clients on strategy, economic...
Alan Martin
Senior Expert, London
Serves clients seeking to improve their refining operations and advises on downstream strategy topics—helping companies...
Georges Massoud
Senior Partner, Kiev
Deep experience in financial services, both private and public, especially banking and insurance, as well as the public sector,...
Chris McNally
Expert Partner, London
Helps chemicals and oil and gas clients on a broad range of issues related to business and operating model transformation, strategy,...
Azam Mohammad
Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads our energy and basic-materials work in Southeast Asia, supporting clients across integrated transformations covering growth...
Khush Nariman
Expert Partner, Houston
Helps clients in the energy, chemicals, and manufacturing industries as they address operational and organizational challenges,...
Joe Quoyeser
Senior Expert, Houston
Advises clients on upstream oil and gas strategy and operations; a petroleum industry consulting veteran, bringing deep experience...
Matt Rogers
Senior Partner, San Francisco
Applies 25 years of experience in the energy sector to help companies deliver performance, growth, and innovation
Assem Shamisheva
Associate Partner, Nur-Sultan
Supports oil and gas companies on strategy, operational improvement, and digital transformation
Namit Sharma
Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Brings extensive experience in serving oil and gas companies around the world, with particular focus on strategy and capital project...
Paul Sheng
Senior Partner, Houston
Advises senior executives of leading national and international oil companies, exploration and production companies, private-equity...
Khoon Tee Tan
Senior Partner, Jakarta
Leads McKinsey’s refining and petrochemicals work in Asia, and McKinsey Implementation in Southeast Asia; supports downstream...
Andy Thain
Partner, Singapore
Leads McKinsey’s Petroleum Asset eXcellence (PAX) work and brings over a quarter-century of experience to serving clients across...
Otto van der Molen
Partner, PAX, Amsterdam
Helps oil and gas clients achieve high-impact performance transformations in operations excellence, lean, capability building,...
Koen Vermeltfoort
Partner, Amsterdam
Advises oil and gas companies on capital projects, procurement, and strategy
Otto Waterlander
Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Serves clients in the oil and gas, utilities, and chemicals sectors on issues relating to strategy development, business transformation,...
Kassia Yanosek
Partner, Houston
Advises global energy clients on adapting to fundamental disruption and emerging growth opportunities, leveraging nearly 20 years...