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Agriculture Insights

Agriculture plays a critical role in limiting the impact of climate change

As a major contributor to methane and nitrous oxide emissions, agriculture is key to fighting global warming. But policy makers are largely ignoring it.

The Next Normal – The future of food: Meatless?

Plant-based “meat” is all the rage. But is it a lasting trend or just a fad? Industry experts weigh in on the future... of meat and protein consumption.

Alternative proteins and the future of meat

– Four McKinsey experts share what they see—and foresee—in the evolving meat and protein market.

Small plant, big protein

– Could a tiny aquatic vegetable become the primary source of protein for millions of people worldwide? An Israeli start-up believes... so.

Five insights into the views and behaviors of the US dairy consumer

– Dairy companies that can tailor their product offerings to the evolving tastes of consumers will be better positioned for growth.

An incredible year for Impossible Foods

– CFO David Lee believes the company’s continued success will depend heavily on its ability to create many more “craveable” products... and to maintain its corporate culture.

Alternative proteins: The race for market share is on

– Consumer interest in non-meat-based protein options is increasing globally. Food industry players that want to capture the opportunity... must understand the evolving market dynamics and where to place their bets.

The evolving perspectives and strategies of dairy executives

– The past several years have seen a significant shift in how dairy CEOs are viewing future opportunities.

How digital innovation is transforming agriculture: Lessons from India

– Four leaders in Indian agriculture discuss the sector’s challenges and digital innovation’s potential impact on smallholder... farmers.

Critical infrastructure companies and the global cybersecurity threat

– How the energy, mining, and materials industries can meet the unique challenges of protecting themselves in a digital world.

A hard row to hoe—what’s in store for agricultural-input suppliers this year?

– US farmers are under increasing economic pressure. A recent McKinsey survey explores how this will affect their spending on agricultural... inputs.

A winning growth formula for dairy

– Modest growth forecasts, shifting consumer tastes, and increased competition will force executives to seek new opportunities.
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