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Solving operational challenges today, to create growth and resilience tomorrow

The most influential names in operations turn to us to transform their core business and build resilience. Throughout industries and entire value chains, we help clients drive productivity, powered by digital technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, and advanced analytics.

Our Approach

We identify and capture opportunities for your organization to grow, whether that’s through reallocating resources to free up capital for investment, finding new sources of competitive advantage, or fully optimizing your portfolio of products and services. Through thoughtful application of new technologies and capabilities, we’ll help you build resilience into the entire operational value chain, increasing both flexibility and productivity at the same time.

Working on a global level, we apply an outstanding depth of expertise at an unprecedented scale. Our experts draw upon an unrivaled breadth of knowledge, research, proprietary tools, and thought leadership across entire categories and industries.

Whatever the challenge, you and your business come first. Our work is anchored in your strategy, and we take time to understand your organization and culture to deliver tangible results fast through practical, hands-on partnership. We focus on building your internal capabilities, so that, as well as unlocking new value today, you have the agility, processes, and skills you need to flourish in the future.

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Building resilient operations

– In the face of rising uncertainty, get ready for the unexpected. To build resilience, accelerate productivity improvement and operational flexibility.

Zero-based productivity

ZBP aligns resources where they will matter the most and creates a culture of cost management to sustain the change over time.

Impact stories

A transformative experience for leading a transformation

– Giving senior leaders hands-on, digitally enhanced experience with lean management helps kick-start a transformation.

Working across functions, a company redesigns and improves a medical device

When colleagues from purchasing, marketing, engineering, and sales came together to see how their product stacked up against four... rivals, they were inspired to explore a number of innovations.

With design-to-value process, company innovates products, reduces costs

By redesigning a forklift truck, an equipment company reduces both manufacturing costs and the cost of operation, adding to customer... satisfaction.

Design-to-value exercise helps company innovate products, compete more effectively

An appliance company researched customer preferences related to household fans. They also conducted product teardowns of both... their own and competitors' products. Both exercises resulted in new fan designs that were less expensive and more appealing to customers.

By rethinking packaging, a company reduces production costs while enhancing brand

By analyzing the labeling, use of recycled materials and the shape of the bottle, a consumer goods company reduced the cost of... shampoo packaging while maintaining the brand image.


Interested in a career in Operations?

A career within our Operations Practice offers the opportunity to work with the biggest companies in the world, on projects that transform their core business and build resilience for the future. We are continuously seeking the best talent at all levels and for all types of roles, and are particularly keen to talk to experienced professionals looking for their next challenge.

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